Part Number : OB3362RP

Function : 4 Channels High Performance LED Driver

Package : DIP, ESOP 16 Pin type

Maker : On-Bright

Pinouts :
OB3362RP datasheet

Description :

The OB3362RP is a highly integrated and high performance LED driver that optimized for LCD backlight application. It integrates a boost driver and 4 channels of current balancer that optimized to drives multi LED arrays, and thus provides a high performance LED backlight solution with minimized BOM count.


1. 10 V gate drive, better MOS compatibility

2. High Efficiency and Compact Size

3. 6V to 30V Input Voltage Range

4. Programmable Over Voltage Protection

Applications : 

1. LCD Monitor 


3. Flat panel display 


Reference Site :

Datasheet PDF Download :
OB3362RP pdf

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