Part Number : SM3257

Function : USB2.0 Flash Memory Controller

Package : QFN-40 Pin 

Maker : Silicon Motion

Image :
SM3257 datasheet

Description :

The SM3257 is the latest USB Flash Disk controller with highly compatibility, and best performance intended for supporting Single-Channel MLC and TLC NAND type Flash memory in one chip.

Based on 0.152um fabricated technology and low power consumption consideration, SM3257 complies with USB power specification ver.2.0 for bus-powered devices. For USB2.0 Flash Disk application, device supports high capacity up to 4 data Flash banks, “Write Protect” function, PC boot-up from USB2.0 Flash Disk, Password protection, and Secured Partitioning functions.

Features : 

1. Embedded crystal offers lower BOM cost

2. 1.8V low-power core operation

3. Built-in 5V/3.3V and 3.3V/1.8V voltage regulators

4. Complete compatibility with USB (Universal Serial Bus) Specification Rev. 2.0

5. Complies with USB Mass Storage Class Specification Rev. 1.0

6. USB Mass Storage Class Bulk-Only Transport Protocol


7. Complies with USB power specifications for bus-powered devices

Datasheet PDF Download :
SM3257 pdf

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