Part Number : QS6400

Function : 64 Poly ADPCM Sound Synthesizer For Mobile Phone.

Package : MLF 40 Pin type

Maker : Altonics

Image :
QS6400 datasheet

Description :

QS6400 is a high quality sound DSP for mobile phones that plays music through a built-in ADPCM decoder with sound font rom.

Device is equipped the Altonics QPCM synthesizer, which is capable of generation up to 64 voices with different tones.


Features : 

1. 64 voices generated at 39kH simultaneously.
2. Compatible with stereophonic sound generation.
3. Master Volume control Individual channel volume / master volume.
4. Built-in MIDI handler(sequencer)
5. Equipped with two buffers of 128 bytes FIFO for MIDI play.
6. Built-in 4 bit or 8 bit ADPCM decorder.

Datasheet PDF Download :
QS6400 pdf

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