Part Number : PXA300, PXA3xx (88AP3xx)

Function : Processor

Package : 14x14 mm VF-BGA Type

Maker : Marvell Semiconductor

Image :
PXA300 datasheet

Description :

The Marvell PXA300 processor, with scalable performance to 624 MHz and video performance capabilities, enables the development of cost-efficient smartphones, industrial embedded solutions, and handheld devices such as GPS. Built on a low-power 90 nanometer (nm) process technology, and with the ability to dynamically scale voltage and frequency on demand, the PXA300 supports today’s stringent requirements for longer battery life.



1. Flexible clocking:

2. CPU clock from 104 to 806 MHz

3. Flexible memory clock ratios

4. Frequency change capability

5. Functional clock gating

Datasheet PDF Download :

PXA300 pdf

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