Part Number : MA8920

Function : 900V, 5A, Low power consumption power supply IC module standby

Package : SIP 7 Pin 

Maker : Shindengen

Image :
MA8920 datasheet

Description :

MA8000, MA8920 series is contributing power supply IC module to the energy-saving measures in the standby mode. This product is the main and control circuit.

The integrated switches, you can configure the quasi-resonant converter RCC with few external components. Power conventional design methods.

At I can achieve low power consumption during standby power of high efficiency and low noise.


1. Very low power consumption under microload. (Load power 50mW, input voltage AC100V, input power 0.5W or less.)

2. High efficiency with a wide range of loads. (Efficiency of 80% or more at rated load.)

3. The feedback noise is very small. (Compliant with VCCI-class B.)

4. Oscillation operation is stable even with a small load.

5. With soft start function.

6. The number of electrical parts is small, and the circuit configuration is simple.

Application Circuits :  

Datasheet PDF Download :
MA8920 pdf

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