Part Number : HT1621D

Function : RAM mapping 32x4 LCD controller for I/O MCU

Package : 28 Pin type

Maker : Holtek Semiconductor

Pinouts :
HT1621D datasheet

Description :

The HT1621, HT1621D is a 128 pattern (324), memory mapping, and multi-function LCD driver. The S/W configuration feature of the HT1621 makes it suitable for multiple LCD applications including LCD modules and display subsystems. 

Only three or four lines are required for the in terface between the host controller and the HT1621.

The HT1621D contains a power down command to reduce power consumption.

1. Operating voltage: 2.4V~5.2V
2. Built-in 256kHz RC oscillator
3. External 32.768kHz crystal or 256kHz frequency source input

4. Built-in time base generator and WDT
5. Time base or WDT overflow output

Datasheet PDF Download :
HT1621D pdf

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