Part Number : CR6842

Function : Green-Power PWM Controller

Package : DIP, SOP 8 Pin Type

Maker : Chip Rail

Pinouts :
CR6842 datasheet

Description :

The CR6842 is a low startup current , low cost, current mode PWM controller with Green-Power & burst-mode power-saving operation. The integrated functions such as the leading-edge blanking of the current sensing, internal slope compensation provide the users a high efficiency, low external component counts, and low cost solution for AC/DC power applications.

1. Cycle-by-cycle current limiting
2. Sense Fault Protection
3. Output SCP (Short circuit Protection)
4. Built-in Synchronized Slope Compensation
5. Leading-edge blanking on Sense input
6. Programmable PWM Frequency
7. High-Voltage CMOS Process with ESD

1. Power Adaptor
2. Battery Charger Adapter
3. Open Frame Switching Power Supply
4. LCD Monitor

Datasheet PDF Download :
CR6842 pdf

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