Part Number : CC3000EM

Function : TI CC3000 Evaluation Module Board / a self-contained Wi-Fi solution

Maker : Texas Instruments

Image :
CC3000EM datasheet

Description :

The CC3000 module is a self-contained Wi-Fi solution that enables internet connectivity for a wide variety of microcontroller (MCU) systems.

The SimpleLink Wi-Fi from TI minimizes the host MCU software requirements, making it ideal for low-power and low-cost applications.

The CC3000EM board is targeted for TI MCUs, such as the MSP430-FR5739 and other various host platforms. This document details the key parts and features of the CC3000 EM board and the different options available to the user.

This document includes layout guidelines to assist the designer in PCB development.

Datasheet PDF Download :
CC3000EM pdf

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