Part Number : LC78626E

Function : DSP for Compact Disc Player

Package : QFP 100 Pin Type

Maker : SANYO , Panasonic

Pinouts :
LC78626E datasheet

Description :

The LC78626E is a monolithic compact disk player signal processing and servo control CMOS IC equipped with an internal anti-shock control function. Designed for total functionality including support for EFM-PLL, and one-bit D/A converter, and containing analog low-pass filter, the LC78626E provides optimal cost-performance for low-end CD players that provide anti-shock systems.

The basic functions provided by this IC include modulation of the EFM signal from the optical pick-up, deinterleaving, detection and correction of signal errors, prevention of a maximum of approximately 10 seconds of skipping, signal processing such as digital filtering (which is useful in reducing the cost of the player), and processing of a variety of servo-related commands from the microprocessor.

Datasheet PDF Download :
LC78626E pdf

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