Part Number : ZPSD302B-90JI

Function : Low cost field programmable microcontroller peripherals

Package : PLCC 44 Pin Type

Maker : STMicroelectronics

Image :
ZPSD302B-90JI datasheet

Description :

The low cost ZPSD302B-90JI, PSD3XX family integrates high-performance and user-configurable blocks of EPROM, programmable logic, and optional SRAM into one part. The PSD3XX products also provide a powerful microcontroller interface that eliminates the need for external glue logic”. The part’s integration, small form factor, low power consumption, and ease of use make it the ideal part for interfacing to virtually any microcontroller.

Features : 

1. Single Supply Voltage:
     (1) 5 V±10% for PSD3xx, ZPSD3xx, PSD3xxR, ZPSD3xxR
     (2) 2.7 to 5.5 V for ZPSD3xxV, ZPSD3xxRV
2. Up to 1 Mbit of EPROM
3. Up to 16 Kbit SRAM
4. Input Latches
5. Programmable I/O ports
6. Page Logic
7. Programmable Security

Datasheet PDF Download :
ZPSD302B-90JI pdf

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