Part Number : AM29F010-70PC

Function : 1 megabit (128 K x 8-Bit) CMOS 5.0 volt-only, Uniform Sector Flash Memory

Package : DIP 32 Pin Type

Maker : Advanced Micro Devices

Pinouts :

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Description :

The AM29F010-70PCAm29F010 is a 1 Mbit, 5.0 Volt-only Flash memory organized as 131,072 bytes. The Am29F010 is offered in 32-pin PLCC, TSOP, and PDIP packages. The bytewide data appears on DQ0-DQ7.

The Am29F010 in Known Good Die (KGD) form is a 1 Mbit, 5.0 Volt-only Flash memory. AMD defines KGD as standard product in die form, tested for functionality and speed.

AMD KGD products have the same reliability and quality as AMD products in packaged form.

1. High performance 

  (1) 45 ns maximum access time

2. Low power consumption

  (1) 30 mA max active read current

  (2) 50 mA max program/erase current

  (3) < 25 mA typical standby current

3. Flexible sector architecture

  (1) Eight uniform sectors

  (2) Any combination of sectors can be erased


  (3) Supports full chip erase

Datasheet PDF Download :
AM29F010-70PC pdf

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