Part Number : XL6003

Function : 400KHz, 60V, 2A, Switching Current Boost LED Constant Current Driver

Package : SOP8L type

Maker : XLSEMI ( )

Pinouts :
XL6003 datasheet

Description :

The XL6003 regulator is fixed frequency PWM Boost (step-up) LED constant current driver,
capable of driving Series 1W LED units with excellent line and load regulation.

The regulator is simple to use because it includes internal frequency compensation and a fixed-frequency oscillator so that it requires a minimum number of external components to work.

The XL6003 could directly drive 6 Series 1W LED units at VIN>12V .



1. Wide 3.6V to 24V Input Voltage Range

2. 0.22V FB adjustable LED drive current

3. Directly drive 6 Series 1W LED at VIN>=12V

4. Fixed 400KHz Switching Frequency

5. Max. 2A Switching Current Capability

6. Up to 92% efficiency

7. Excellent line and load regulation

8. EN PIN TTL shutdown capability

9. Internal Optimize Power MOSFET

Datasheet PDF Download :
XL6003 pdf

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