Part Number : XC2V40

Function : Field-Programmable Gate Arrays

Maker : Xilinx Inc

Pinouts :
XC2V40 datasheet

Description :

The Virtex-II family is a platform FPGA developed for high performance from low-density to high-density designs that are based on IP cores and customized modules. The family
delivers complete solutions for telecommunication, wireless, networking, video, and DSP applications, including PCI, LVDS, and DDR interfaces.

The leading-edge 0.15 µm / 0.12 µm CMOS 8-layer metal process and the Virtex-II architecture are optimized for high speed with low power consumption. Combining a wide variety of flexible features and a large range of densities up to 10 million system gates, the Virtex-II family enhances programmable logic design capabilities and is a powerful alternative to mask-programmed gates arrays.

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XC2V40 pdf

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