Part Number : MM1385

Function : Microminiature low-power consumption low-saturation regulator

Package : SOT-25A Type

Maker : Mitsumi

Pinouts :
MM1385 datasheet

Description :

This IC is a microminiature stabilized power supply device featuring an output voltage precision of within ±2% and output currents of up to 200mA; the input/output voltage difference at 50mA is only 0.1V.

This chip is provided with an output noise reduction pin and output on/off control pin, and is ideal for use in portable equipment.


1. No-load input current 95μA typ.

2. I/O voltage difference 0.1V typ.(Io=50mA)

3. Ripple rejection ratio 70dB typ.

4. Output current 150mA max.

Applications :

1. Cordless phones

2. Portable phones, PHS

3. Portable minidiscs

Datasheet PDF Download :
MM1385 pdf

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