Part Number : VP2128

Function : 2A, 18V, Synchronous-Rectified Buck Converter

Package : SO 8 Pin Type

Maker :

Pinouts :
VP2128 datasheet

Description :

The VP2128 is an efficiency and low-cost buck converter with integrated low RDS(ON) high-side 150mΩ  and low-side 130mΩ MOSFET switches.  It is capable of delivering 2A output current over a wide range of supplying voltage from 4.5V to 18V. With a simple voltage divider, the output voltage is easily adjustable from 0.922V to 16V.


1. 4.5V to 18V Input Voltage Range

2. Adjustable Output from 0.922V to 16V

3. 2A Output Current


4. Integrated 150mΩ/130mΩ MOSFET Switches

Block Diagram


Datasheet PDF Download :
VP2128 pdf

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