Part Number : LM211N


Package : DIP 8, SO 8 Pin

Maker : STMicroelectronics

Image :
LM211N datasheet

Description :

The LM111, LM211, LM211N, LM311 are voltage comparators that have low input currents. They are also designed to operate over a wide range of supply voltages: from standard ±15V operational amplifier supplies down to the single +5V supply used for IC logic.



1. Maximum input current: 150nA

2. Maximum offset current: 20nA

3. Differential input voltage range: ±30V

4. Power consumption:135mW at ±15V

5. Supply voltage: +5V to ±15V 

6. Output current: 50mA

Datasheet PDF Download :
LM211N pdf

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