Part Number : TDA4863J

Function : 30V, Vertical Deflection Booster

Package : DIL 7 Pin Type

Maker : Philips Electronics

Pinouts :
TDA4863J datasheet

Description :

The TDA4863J / TDA4863AJ are successors of TDA4861 vertical booster for use in vertical deflection systems for frame frequencies up to 200 Hz.

The TDA4863J needs a separate flyback supply voltage with the advantage that the supply voltages are independently adjustable to optimise power consumption and flyback time.

For the TDA4863AJ the flyback supply voltage will be generated internally by doubling the supply voltage and therefore a separate flyback supply voltage is not needed. Both circuits provide differential input stages and fit well with the TDA485X / TDA484X monitor deflection controller family.

Reference Data


1. Power amplifier with differential inputs
2. Output current up to 3 A (p-p)
3. High vertical deflection frequency up to 200 Hz
4. High linear sawtooth signal amplification

Datasheet PDF Download :
TDA4863J pdf

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