Part Number : TDA1517P

Function : 2 x 6 W, Stereo Power Amplifier

Package : SIL 9 Pin , DIP 18 Pin type

Maker : NXP Semiconductors.

Pinouts :
TDA1517P datasheet

Description :

The TDA1517P is an integrated class-B dual output amplifier in a plastic single in-line medium power package with fin (SIL9MPF), a plastic rectangular-bent single in-line medium power package with fin (RBS9MPF) or a plastic heat-dissipating dual in-line package (HDIP18).

The device is primarily developedfor multi-media applications.

Block Diagram 


• Requires very few external components

• High output power

• Fixed gain• Good ripple rejection

• Mute/standby switch

• AC and DC short-circuit safe to ground and VP

• Thermally protected

• Reverse polarity safe

Datasheet PDF Download :
TDA1517P pdf

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