Part Number : AR0140AT

Function : 1/4-Inch Digital Image Sensor

Package : 9x9mm 64 pin iBGA Type

Maker : Aptina ( ) 

Pinouts :
AR0140AT datasheet

Description :

Aptina's AR0140AT is a 1/4-inch CMOS digital image sensor with an active-pixel array of 1280Hx800V. It captures images in either linear or high dynamic range modes, with a rolling-shutter readout. It includes sophisticated camera functions such as in-pixel bin ning, windowing and both video and single frame modes. It is designed for both low light and high dynamic range scene performance. It is programmable through a simple two-wire serial interface. The AR0140AT produces extraordinarily clear, sharp digital pictures, and its ability tocapture both continuous video and single frames makes it the perfect choice for a wide range of applications, including surveillance and HD video.


• Superior low-light performance

• Latest 3.0um pixel with Aptina DR-Pix technology

• Linear or high dynamic range capture

• 1.0Mp and 720P (16:9) images

• Interleaved T1/T2 output

• Support for external mechanical shutter

• Support for external LED or xenon flash

• On-chip phase-locked loop (PLL) oscillator

• Integrated position-based color and lens shading correction


• Slave mode for precise frame-rate control


Datasheet PDF Download :
AR0140AT pdf

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