Part Number : SMP1302

Function : Switch and Attenuator Plastic Packaged PIN Diodes

Maker : Alpha Industries

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SMP1302 datasheet

Description :

The SMP1302 series of plastic packaged, surface mountable, low capacitance (0.3 pF) silicon PIN diodes are designed for high volume switch and attenuator applications from 10 MHz to beyond 2 GHz.These diodes are designed for use in low distortion PI and TEE attenuators with low drive current (maximum resistance at 1 mA is 10 Ω) commonly used in TV distribution and cellular base station applications.

The nominal 50 µm I region width combined with a maximum resistance of 3 Ωat 10 mA, make these diodes useful in large signal switch applications. Available as single and dual diodes in a selection of plastic packages including SOT-23, SOD-323, small footprint SC-79 and miniature SC-70. Available in a SOT-5 (SMP1302-027) package as a four diode array designed for insertion in the commonly used 4 diode PI attenuator circuit.

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