Part Number : MAX7315

Function : 8-Port I/O Expander with LED Intensity Control, Interrupt

Package : Tiny 3mm x 3mm, Thin QFN  16 Type

Maker : Maxim Integrated

Pinouts :
MAX7315 datasheet

Description :

The MAX7315  I2C-/SMBus-compatible serial interfaced peripheral provides microprocessors with 8 I/O ports.

Each I/O port can be individually configured as either an open-drain current-sinking output rated at 50mA at 5.5V, or a logic input with transition detection. A ninth port can be used for transition detection interrupt or as a generalpurpose output.

The outputs are capable of directly driving LEDs, or providing logic outputs with external
resistive pullup up to 5.5V. PWM current drive is integrated with 8 bits of control.
Four bits are global control and apply to all LED outputs to provide coarse adjustment of current from fully off to fully on in 14 intensity steps. Each output then has individual 4-bit control, which further divides the globally set current into 16 more steps. Alternatively, the current control can be configured as a single 8-bit control that sets all outputs at once.

The MAX7315 is pin and software compatible with the PCA9534 and PCA9554(A).

Datasheet PDF Download :
MAX7315 pdf

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