Part Number : RT8207

Function : Complete DDRII/DDRIII Memory Power Supply Controller / PWM Controller

Package : WQFN 24 Pin Type

Maker : Richtek Technology

Pinouts :
RT8207 datasheet

Description :

The RT8207 provides a complete power supply for both DDRII/DDRIII memory systems. It integrates a synchronous PWM buck controller with a 3A sink/source tracking linear regulator and a buffered low noise reference.

Features : 

1. Battery Input Range 2.5V to 26V

2. Resistor Programmable Frequency

3. Over/Under Voltage Protection 

4. 4 Steps Current Limit During Soft-Start 

5. Drives Large Synchronous-Rectifier FET


 Application Circuits :

Datasheet PDF Download :
RT8207 pdf

Others datasheet of same file : RT-8207


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