Part Number : GUBTCR42M

Function : Bluetooth Module

Maker : Billionton

Image :
GUBTCR42M datasheet

Description :

The GUBTCR42M is designed to provide Bluetooth function on a small form factor.

The Bluetooth function is based on CSR BC04-ROM chipset Bluetooth System, which implements the full speed class 2 Bluetooth operations with full 7 slave piconet support. The interface of GUBTCR42M to host system is USB and full compliant with USB ver.2.0

Features : 

1. CSR BC04-ROM Chipset Bluetooth System
2. Class 2 Bluetooth operation with full 7 slave piconet support


3. Complient with USB ver 2.0 Interface
4. Single onboard Antenna connector support
5. Chip Antenna on board (Optional)
6. Bluetooth wireless access up to a radius of 32.8 feet (10 Meters)

Datasheet PDF Download :

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