Part Number : OR2C04A-4M84

Function : ORCA Series 2 Field-Programmable Gate Arrays

Package : 100, 144, 208 Pin Type

Maker : Lattice Semiconductor

Pinouts :
OR2C04A-4M84 datasheet

Description :

The ORCA Series 2 series of SRAM-based FPGAs are an enhanced version of the ATT2C/2T architecture.

The latest ORCA series includes patented architectura enhancements that make functions faster and easier to design while conserving the use of PLCs and routing resources.

The Series 2 devices can be used as drop-in replace ments for the ATT2Cxx / ATT2Txx series, respectively, and they are also bit stream compatible with each other. The usable gate counts associated with each series are provided in Table 1. Both series are offered in a variety of packages, speed grades, and temperature ranges.


1. High-performance, cost-effective, low-power 0.35 μm CMOS technology

2. High density (up to 43,200 usable, logic-only gates; or 99,400 gates including RAM)

3. Eight 3-state buffers per PFU for on-chip bus structures

Datasheet PDF Download :
OR2C04A-4M84 pdf

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