Part Number : OOBCOW

Function : Low Voltage Variable Output LDO Regulator

Package : TO220FP-5, TO252-5 Type

Maker : Rohm

Pinouts :
OOBCOW datasheet

Description :

OOBCOW / BA00BC0WFP / BA00BC0WT is a PNP output LDO regulator IC with the output current of 1A and a voltage accuracy of ±2%. Output voltage can be set (1.5V to 12V) by
external resistor.  Over-current protection circuit and thermal protection circuit are
incorporated to prevent IC from being damaged by short and thermal break down.


1) Maximum output current : 1A
2) Output voltage setting by external resistor
3) Low drop-out voltage(1.5V to 12V) type with PNP output
4) Built-in over-current protection circuit to
prevent IC from being damaged by short
5) Built-in thermal protection circuit for protecting
thermal break down
6) Built-in ON/OFF switch to realize the shutdown current 0uA
7) TO252-5, TO220FP-5 package
8) C pin output voltage accuracy : ± 2%

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Datasheet PDF Download :

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