Part Number : NJM2059

Function : Dual Operational Amplifier

Package : 14 Pin Type

Maker : Japan Radio Corporation

Pinouts :
NJM2059 datasheet

Description :

The NJM2059 integrated circuit is a quad high-gain operational amplifier internally compensated and constructed on a single silicon chip using an advanced epitaxial process.

The NJM2059 has wider unity gain bandwidth and larger slew rate compared to the NJM2058.
Each amplifier of the NJM2059 has the same electrical characteristics of the NJM4559.



1. Operating Voltage  ( ±4V~±18V )

2. Slew Rate   ( 2V/µs typ. )

3. Unity Gain Bandwidth  ( 6MHz typ. )

4. Package Outline  DIP14,DMP14,SSOP14 

5. Bipolar Technology

Datasheet PDF Download :
NJM2059 pdf

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