Part Number : MC14584BCP

Function :  Hex Inverter with Schmitt Trigger,

Package : DIP, SOP 14 Pin type

Maker : ON Semiconductor

Pinouts :
MC14584BCP datasheet

Description :

The MC14584B, MC14584BCP Hex Schmitt Trigger is constructed with MOS P−channel and N−channel enhancement mode devices in a single monolithic structure.

These devices find primary use where low power dissipation and/or high noise immunity is desired.

The MC14584B may be used in place of the MC14069UB hex inverter for enhanced noise immunity to “square up” slowly changing waveforms.


• Supply Voltage Range = 3.0 Vdc to 18 Vdc

• Capable of Driving Two Low−power TTL Loads or One Low−power Schottky TTL Load

• Double Diode Protection on All Inputs

• Can Be Used to Replace MC14069UB

Datasheet PDF Download :
MC14584BCP pdf

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