Part Number : LTC4370IMS

Function : Two-Supply Diode-OR Current Balancing Controller

Package : 16-Lead DFN (4mm × 3mm) and MSOP Type

Maker : Linear Technology

Pinouts :
LTC4370IMS datasheet

Description :

The LTC4370, LTC4370IMS is a two-supply current sharing controller which  incorporates  MOSFET  ideal  diodes.  The  diodes block reverse and shoot-through currents during start-up and fault conditions. Their forward voltage is adjusted to share the load currents between supplies. Unlike other sharing methods, neither a share bus nor trim pins on the supply are required.

The maximum MOSFET voltage drop can be set with a resistor.  A  fast  gate  turn-on reduces  the  load  voltage droop during supply switchover. If the input supply fails  or is shorted, a fast turn-off minimizes reverse current transients.

The controller operates with supplies from2.9V to18V. For lower rail voltages, an external supply is needed at the VCCpin. Enable inputs can be used to turn off the MOSFET  and  put  the  controller  in  a  low  current  state. Status outputs indicate whether the MOSFETs are on or off. The load sharing function can be disabled to turn the LTC4370 into a dual ideal diode controller.

Datasheet PDF Download :
LTC4370IMS pdf

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