Part Number : KBPC5010

Function : 50 Amp Single Phase Bridge Rectifier 50 to 1000 Volts

Maker : Shanghai Lunsure Electronic

Image :
KBPC5010 datasheet

Description :

1.  Mounting Hole For #8 Screw

2.  High Conductivity Metal Case

3.  Any Mounting Position


4.  Surge Rating Of 400 Amps

Number    Maximum Recurrent     Voltage Maximum   Voltage Maximum
                 Peak Reverse             RMS                          DC Blocking Voltage

KBPC50005     50V      35V         50V
KBPC5001     100V      70V       100V
KBPC5002     200V     140V      200V
KBPC5004     400V     280V      400V
KBPC5006     600V     420V      600V
KBPC5008     800V     560V      800V
KBPC5010    1000V    700V     1000V

Datasheet PDF Download :
KBPC5010 pdf

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