Part Number : FI4019HG

Function : Digital Audio MOSFET

Package : TO-220-5 Type

Maker : International Rectifier

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FI4019HG datasheet

Description :

This Digital Audio MOSFET Half-Bridge is specifically designed for Class D audio amplifier applications. It consists of two power MosFET switches connected in half-bridge onfiguration. The latest process is used to achieve low on-resistance per silicon area. Furthermore, Gate charge, body-diode reverse recovery, and internal Gate resistance are optimized to improve key Class D audio amplifier performance factors such as efficiency, THD and EMI. These combine to make this Half-Bridge a highly efficient, robust and reliable device for Class D audio amplifier applications.


1. Integrated Half-Bridge Package

2. Reduces the Part Count by Half

3. Facilitates Better PCB Layout

4. Key Parameters Optimized for Class-D


5. Audio Amplifier Applications

Datasheet PDF Download :
FI4019HG pdf

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