Part Number : HDSP-F201

Function : 10 mm (0.40 inch) Seven Segment Display

Maker : Avago Technologies

Image :
HDSP-F201 datasheet

Description :

The 10 mm (0.40 inch) LED seven segment displays are Avago’s most space-efficient character size. They are designed for viewing distances up to 4.5 metres (15 feet). These devices use an industry standard size package and pinout.

The dual numeric, single numeric, and ±1. overflow devices feature a right hand decimal point. All devices are available as either common anode or common cathode.


1. High light output

2. High peak current

3. Excellent for long digit string multiplexing

4. Intensity and color selection option

5. Sunlight viewable AlGaAs

Datasheet PDF Download :
HDSP-F201 pdf

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