Part Number : SAM4CP16B

Function : SMART Power Line Communications Device

Packag : LQFP 176 Pin 

Maker : Atmel Corporation

Pinouts :
SAM4CP16B datasheet

Description :

The SAM4CP, SAM4CP16B series belongs to Atmel SMART energy portfolio. It is based on SAM4C, a high performance 32-bit, dual core ARM Cortex-M4 RISC processor embedding a PRIME PLC [Power Line Communication] modem.

The cores are able to operate at a maximum speed of 120 MHz, featuring 1 Mbyte of embedded Flash, 128 kBytes of SRAM and on-chip cache for each core. SAM4CP unique dual ARM Cortex-M4 architecture supports implementation of signal processing, application and communications firmware in independent partitions. SAM4CP16B system-on-chip includes a PRIME modem, being PRIME [PoweR line Intelligent Metering Evolution] an open standard technology used for Smart Grid pplications, mainly Smart Metering.

Atmel PRIME modem implementation includes enhanced PHY layer features such as additional robust modes and frequency band extension.


1. ARM Cortex-M4 running at up to 120 MHz(1)

2. Memory Protection Unit (MPU)

3. DSP Instruction

4. Thumb-2 instruction set

5. Instruction and Data Cache Controller with 2 Kbytes Cache Memory

Datasheet PDF Download :
SAM4CP16B pdf

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