Part Number : EP9307-CRZ

Function : ARM9 SOC with Ethernet, USB, Display and Touchscreen

Package : TFBGA 272 Pin type

Maker : Cirrus Logic

Image :
EP9307-CRZ datasheet

Description :

The EP9307-CRZEP9307 is one of a series of ARM920T-based devices. The ARM920T microprocessor core with separate 16 Kbyte, 64-way set-associative instruction and data caches is augmented by the MaverickCrunch coprocessor enabling high-speed floating point calculations.


• 200 MHz ARM920T Processor

• 16 Kbyte Instruction Cache

• 16 Kbyte Data Cache

• Linux®, Microsoft® Windows® CE enabled MMU

• 100 MHz System Bus

• MaverickCrunch Math Engine

• Floating point, integer and signal processing instructions

• Optimized for digital music compression and decompression algorithms

• Hardware interlocks allow in-line coding

Datasheet PDF Download :
EP9307-CRZ pdf

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