Part Number : EN5394QI

Function : 9A, PowerSoC Voltage Mode Synchronous Buck PWM DC-DC Converter

Package : QFN 68 Pin Type

Maker : Altera Corporation

Pinouts :
EN5394QI datasheet

Description :

The  EN5394QI is a Power Supply on a Chip (PwrSoC)  DC to DC converter with integrated inductor, PWM controller, MOSFETS, and compensation providing the smallest possible solution size in a 68 pin QFN module. 

The switching frequency can be synchronized to an external clock or other  EN5394QIs  with the added capability of phasing multiple EN5394QIs as desired.  Other features include precision ENABLE  threshold,  pre-bias monotonic start-up, margining, and parallel operation.



• High efficiency, up to 93%.

• Output voltage margining

• Monotonic output voltage ramp during startup with pre-biased loads.

• Precision Enable pin for accurate sequencing of power converters and Power OK signal.

• Programmable soft-start time.

Datasheet PDF Download :
EN5394QI pdf

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