Part Number : CA3054

Function : Dual Independent Differential Amp

Package : SOIC, DIP 14 Pin Type

Maker : Intersil

Pinouts :
CA3054 datasheet

Description :

The CA3054 consists of two independent differential amplifiers with associated constant current transistors on a common monolithic substrate. The six NPN transistors which comprise the amplifiers are general purpose devices which exhibit low 1/f noise and a value of fTin excess of  300MHz. These feature make the CA3054 useful from DC to 120MHz. Bias and load resistors have been omitted to provide maximum application flexibility.


• Two Differential Amplifiers on a Common Substrate

• Independently Accessible Inputs and Outputs


• Dual Sense Amplifiers

• Dual Schmitt Triggers

• Multifunction Combinations

- RF/Mixer/Oscillator; Converter/IF

• IF Amplifiers (Differential and/or Cascode)

• Product Detectors


• Doubly Balanced Modulators and Demodulators

Datasheet PDF Download :
CA3054 pdf

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