Part Number : BQ2004EPN

Function : Fast-Charge IC

Package : DIP, SOIC 16 Pin Type

Maker : Texas Instruments

Pinouts :
BQ2004EPN datasheet

Description : 

The bq2004E and bq2004H, BQ2004EPN FastCharge ICs provide comprehensive fast charge control functions together with high-speed switching power control circuitry on a monolithic CMOS device.
Integration of closed-loop current control circuitry allows the bq2004 to be the basis of a cost-effective solution for stand-alone and system integrated chargers for batteries of one or more cells.
Switch-activated discharge-before charge allows bq2004E/H-based chargers to support battery conditioning and capacity determination.


1. Fast charge and conditioning of nickel cadmium or nickel-metal hydride batteries
Hysteretic PWM switch-mode current regulation or gated control of an external regulator

2. Easily integrated into systems or used as a stand-alone charger

3. Pre-charge qualification of temperature and voltage

4. Configurable, direct LED outputs display battery and charge status

5. Fast-charge termination by∆tem perature/∆time, peak volume detection, -∆V, maximum voltage,maximum temperature, and maximum time

6. Optional top-off charge and pulsed current maintenance charging

7. Logic-level controlled low-power mode (< 5µA standby current)

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