Part Number : AX3007

Function : 150KHz, 2A PWM Buck DC/DC Converter

Package : SOP-8L, SOP-8L-EP, TO263-5L and TO252-5L Type

Maker : AXElite Technology

Pinouts :
AX3007 datasheet

Description :

The AX3007 series are monolithic IC designed for a step-down DC/DC converter, and own the ability of  driving a 2A load without additional transistor. It  saves board space. The external  shutdown  function  can  be  controlled  by  logic  level  and  then  come  into  standby mode. 

The  internal  compensation  makes  feedback  control  having  good  line  and  load regulation  without  external  design.  Regarding  protected  function,  thermal  shutdown  is  to prevent  over temperature operating from damage, and  current limit is against over current operating of the  output switch. If current limit function occurs and  VFB  is down below 0.5V, the switching frequency will be reduced.


1. 150KHz fixed switching frequency.

2. Voltage mode non-synchronous PWM control.

3. Thermal-shutdown and current-limit protection.

4. ON/OFF shutdown control input.

5. Short Circuit Protect (SCP).

Datasheet PDF Download :
AX3007 pdf

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