Part Number : AD8428

Function : Low Noise, Low Gain Drift, G = 2000 Instrumentation Amplifier

Package : SOIC 8 Pin Type

Maker : Analog Devices

Pinouts :
AD8428 datasheet

Description :

The AD8428 is an ultralow noise instrumentation amplifier designed to accurately measure tiny, high speed signals. It delivers industry-leading gain accuracy, noise, and bandwidth. All gain setting resistors for the AD8428 are internal to the part and are precisely matched. Care is taken in both the chip pinout and layout. This results in excellent gain drift and quick settling to the final gain value after the part is powered on. The high CMRR of the AD8428 prevents unwanted signals
from corrupting the signal of interest. The pinout of the device is designed to avoid parasitic capacitance mismatches that can degrade CMRR at high frequencies. The IC is one of the fastest instrumentation amplifiers available. The circuit architectureis designed for high bandwidth
at high gain. The device uses a current feedback topology for the initial preamplifier gain stage of 200, followed by a difference amplifier stage of 10. This architecture results in a 3.5 MHz bandwidth at a gain of 2000 for an equivalent gain bandwidth product of 7 GHz.


1. Fixed gain of 2000
2. Access to internal nodes provides flexibility
3. Low noise: 1.5 nV/√Hz input voltage noise
4. High accuracy dc performance
5. CMRR: 140 dB min
6. Excellent ac specifications
7. ESD protection: 5000 V (HBM)
8. Temperature range for specified performance:−40°C to +85°C, Operational up to 125°C

Applications : 

1. Sensor interface
2. Medical instrumentation
3. Patient monitoring


Datasheet PDF Download :
AD8428 pdf

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