Part Number : SW8603

Function : MOSFET / Built-in high-voltage current-mode PWM controller

Package : DIP 8 Pin Type

Maker : Samwin

Image :
SW8603 datasheet

Description :

SW8600 / SW8601 / SW8603 / SW8604 is built for switching power supply High Voltage MOSFET current-mode PWM controller family.

The circuit is low standby power consumption, low starting current. In standby mode, the power Road enters hiccup mode, thus effectively reducing the standby power circuit.

The switch frequency is 67KHz, the jitter of the oscillation frequency can be obtained to be low EMI.

Built-in 15ms soft start circuit can be reduced during power transformer Stress, prevent transformer saturation.



Datasheet PDF Download :
SW8603 pdf

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