Part Number : AD8178

Function : 450 MHz, Triple 16 × 5 Video Crosspoint Switch

Package : 676-Pin BGA Type

Maker : Analog Devices

Pinouts :
AD8178 datasheet

Description :

The AD8178 is a high speed, triple 16 × 5 video crosspoint switch matrix. It supports 1600 × 1200 RGB displays @ 85 Hz refresh rate,by offering a 450 MHz bandwidth and a slew rate of 1650 V/μs. With −82 dB of crosstalk and −90 dB isolation (@ 5 MHz), the AD8178 is useful in many high speed video applications. The IC supports two modes of operation: differential-in to differential-out mode with sync-on CM signaling passed through the switch and differential-in to differential-out mode with CM signaling removed through the switch. The output CM and black level can be conveniently set via external pins. The outputs can be used single-ended in conjunction with decoded H and V outputs to drive a monitor directly. The independent output buffers of the device can be placed into a high impedance state to create larger arrays by paralleling crosspoint outputs. Inputs can be paralleled as well. The AD8178 offers both serial and a parallel programming modes. 


1. Large, triple 16 × 5 high speed, nonblocking switch array
2. Pin compatible with the AD8175andAD8176(16 × 9 switch arrays) and the AD8177(16 × 5 switch array)
3. Differential or single-ended operation
4. Supports sync-on common-mode and sync-on color operating modes
5. Flexible power supplies: +5 V or ±2.5 V
6. Logic ground for convenient control interface
7. Serial or parallel programming of switch array
8. High impedance output disable allows connection of multiple devices with minimal loading on output bus
9. Adjustable output CM and black level through external pins
10. Settling time: 4 ns to 1% to support 1600 × 1200 @ 85Hz
11. Wide input common-mode range of 4 V
12. Reset pin allows disabling of all outputs
13. Convenient grouping of RGB signals for easy routing

Applications :

1. RGB video switching
2. KVM
3. Professional video


Datasheet PDF Download :
AD8178 pdf

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