Part Number : 47C201P

Function : CMOS 4-Bit Microcontroller

Package : DIP, SOP 16 Pin Type

Maker : Toshiba

Pinouts :
47C201P datasheet

Description :

The TMP47C101 / TMP47C201 / 47C201P are high speed and high performance 4-bit single chip microcomputers, intergarting ROM, RAM, input / output ports and timer / counters on a chip.

The  TMP47C101 / TMP47C201 are the standard LSI in the TLCS-47E series. In addition, they have the output port with LED direct drive capability.


• 4-bit single chip microcomputer

• Instruction execution time: 1.3µs (at 6MHz)

• Low voltage operation: 2.2V (at 2MHz RC)

• 89 basic instructions- Instruction set is the same as TLCS-47 series

• ROM table look-up instructions

• Subroutine nesting: 15 levels max 

Datasheet PDF Download :
47C201P pdf

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