Part Number : LA5602

Function : Low dropout voltage regulator with reset and on-off function

Package : SIP 7 Pin Type

Maker : SANYO , Panasonic

Pinouts :
LA5602 datasheet

Description :

The LA5602 incorporates both a 5.0V voltage regulator function and reset generator function into a single-chip for micro controller power supply application. The LA5602 supports improvements in efficiency and set compactness by permitting operation at low input-output voltage differences.


• Low minimal input-output voltage difference (0.5V typ.)

• Supports setting of reset output delay time using external capacitor

• Built-in fold back current limiting circuit and excessive heat protection circuit


• Low dropout regulator with 350mA and 5.0V output

• Power supply reset generator function

• Supports on-off control of 5V using equipped enable pin (high active)

Datasheet PDF Download :
LA5602 pdf

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