Part Number : W583S80

Function : HIGH FIDELITY Power Speech

Maker : Winbond

Pinouts :
W583S80 datasheet

Description :

W583S80, W583xxx are fabricated using the Winbond CMOS process. The W583xxx family is a new member of the PowerSpeechsynthesizer series, with voice quality which is even better than before.

The W583xxx family has adopted the same architecture as the PowerSpeechsynthesizers while replacing the 4-bit ADPCM algorithm with Winbond′s new high fidelity voice synthesis algorithm to produce better quality voice.

W583xxx provides IR function, CPU interface, pad option for Ring or Crystal oscillator and voice output in DAC current or PWM type.

Features : 

 Programmable speech synthesizer

• New high fidelity synthesis algorithm

• Wide operating voltage range: 2.4 - 5.5 Volts

• Direct drive speaker by PWM output or Built-in 8-bit D/A converter

• Supports CPU interface operation

• IR interface for command Transmission and Receiving


• Symbolic compiler supported

Datasheet PDF Download :
W583S80 pdf

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