Part Number : TMS320F241


Package : PLCC 68 Pin, QFP 64 Pin type

Maker : Texas Instruments

Pinouts :
TMS320F241 datasheet

Description : 

The TMS320F243 and TMS320F241 devices are members of the 24x generation of digital signal processor(DSP) controllers based on the TMS320C2000platform of 16-bit fixed-point DSPs. The F243 is a superset of the F241. These two devices share similar core and peripherals with some exceptions. For example, the F241 does not have an external memory interface. This new family is optimized for digital motor /motion control applications. The DSP controllers combine the enhanced TMS320DSP family architectural design of the C2xx core CPU for low-cost, high-performance processing capabilities and several advanced peripherals optimized for motor /motion control applications. These peripherals include the event manager module, which provides general-purpose timers and PWM registers to generate PWM outputs, and a single,10-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC), which can perform conversion within 1 µs.


1. High-Performance Static CMOS Technology
2. Includes the TMS320C2xx Core CPU
− Object-Compatible With the TMS320C2xx
− Source-Code-Compatible With TMS320C25
− Upwardly Compatible With TMS320C5x
− 50-ns Instruction Cycle Time Commercial and Industrial Temperature Available Memory
− 544 Words x 16 Bits of On-Chip Data/Program Dual-Access RAM(DARAM)
− 8K Words x 16 Bits of Flash EEPROM
− 224K Words x 16 Bits of Total Memory
3. Address Reach (F243 only)
4. External Memory Interface (F243 only)
5. Event-Manager Module
− Eight Compare/Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) Channels
− Three 16-Bit Full Compare Units With Deadband
6. Controller Area Network (CAN) Module
7. 26 Individually Programmable, Multiplexed General-Purpose I/O (GPIO) Pins
8. Six Dedicated GPIO Pins (F243 only)
9. Phase-Locked-Loop (PLL)-Based Clock Module
10. Watchdog (WD) Timer Module
11. Serial Communications Interface (SCI) Module
12. 16-Bit Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) Module
14. Three Power-Down Modes for Low-Power Operation
15. Scan-Based Emulation
16. 144-Pin LQFP PGE Package (F243)
17. 68-Pin PLCC FN Package (F241)
18. 64-Pin QFP PG Package (F241)

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TMS320F241 pdf

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