Part Number : TK11245MBX


Package : SOT-23L, SOT-89 Type

Maker : Toko America Inc

Pinouts :
TK11245MBX datasheet

Description :

The TK11245MBX is a low power, linear regulator with a built in electronic switch. The internal electronic switch can be controlled by TTL or CMOS logic levels. The device is in the ON state when the control pin is pulled to a high logic level. A pin for a bypass capacitor is provided, which connects to the internal circuitry, to lower the overall output noise level.

An internal PNP pass-transistor is used in order to achieve low dropout voltage (typically 100 mV at 30 mA load current). The device has very low quiescent current (180 µA) in the ON mode with no load and 1 mA with 30 mA load. The quiescent current is typically 2.5 mA at 60 mA load. When the device is in standby mode (VCONT = 0), the quiescent current is typically 100 nA. An internal thermal shutdown circuit limits the junction temperature to below 150 °C. The load current is internally monitored and the device will shut down in the presence of a short circuit at the output.



1. Battery Powered Systems

2. Cellular Telephones

3. Pagers

4. Personal Communications Equipment

5. Portable Instrumentation

6. Portable Consumer Equipment

7. Radio Control Systems

8. Toys

9. Low Voltage Systems

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