Part Number : TAS5701

Function : 20W, Stereo Digital Audio Power Amplifier

Package : HTQFP 64 Pin Type

Maker : Texas Instruments

Image :
TAS5701 datasheet

Description : 

The TAS5701 is a 20-W efficient, digital audio power amplifier for driving stereo bridge-tied speakers. Two serial data inputs support up to 3 discrete audio channels. The SDIN1 input is routed to the internal left and right outputs. The SDIN2 input is dedicated to the SUB_PWM± outputs


– 5-V Tolerant Inputs (See pin list for details on which inputs are 5-V tolerant)
– Shutdown Mode for Low Power Consumption
– Thermal and Short-Circuit Protection
– Autodetect: Automatically Detect

Datasheet PDF Download :
TAS5701 pdf

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