Part Number : TA8227P

Function : Low Frequency Power Amplifier

Package : DIP 12 Pin type

Maker : Toshiba

Pinouts :
TA8227P datasheet

Description :

TA8227P is an audio power IC with built-in two channels developed for portable radio cassette tape recoder with power ON / OFF switch. Because of the parts reduction and DIP (Dual Inline Package), space merit is remarkable. Thermal shut down protection circuit is built in.


1. Stand-by switch

2. Soft clip

3. Built-in thermal shut down protection circuit

4. Operation supply voltage range: VCC (opr) = 5~12 V (Ta = 25°C)

5. Low popping noise at power ON


6. Best for supply voltage 9 V

Datasheet PDF Download :
TA8227P pdf

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