Part Number : SN74LV1T34

Function : Single Power Supply Single Buffer GATE CMOS Logic Level Shifter

Package : SOT-23, SC70 5 Pin Type

Maker : Texas Instruments

Pinouts :
SN74LV1T34 datasheet

Description :

SN74LV1T34 is a low voltage CMOS gate logic that operates at a wider voltage range for industrial, portable, telecom, and automotive applications. The output level is referenced to the supply voltage and is able to support 1.8V/2.5V/3.3V/5V CMOS levels.

The SN74LV1T34 is designed with current-drive capability of 8 mA to reduce line reflections, overshoot, and undershoot caused by high-drive outputs.


1. Latch-Up Performance Exceeds 250 mA Per JESD 17

2. ESD Performance Tested Per JESD 22


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SN74LV1T34 pdf

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