Part Number : SMBJ160, SMBJ5.0-170A or SMBG5.0-170A

Function : 600W,  160V, Diode, Transient Voltage Suppressor

Pacakge : DO-215AA, Surface mount

Maker : Microsemi Corporation

Pinouts :
SMBJ160 datasheet

Description :

This SMBJ5.0-170A or SMBG5.0-170A series of surface mount 600 W Transient Voltage Suppressors (TVSs) protects a variety of voltage-sensitive components from destruction or degradation.

It is available in J-bend design (SMBJ) with the DO-214AA package for greater PC board mounting density or in a Gull-wing design (SMBG) in the DO-215AA for visible solder connections.

It is also available in both unidirectional and bidirectional configurations with a C or CA suffix part number as well as RoHS Compliant with an e3 suffix.


• Economical surface mount design in both J-bend or Gull-wing terminations

• Available in both unidirectional and bidirectional construction (add C or CA suffix for bidirectional)

• Selections for 5.0 to 170 volts standoff voltages (VWM)

Applications : 

• Economical surface mount design in both J-bend or Gull-wing terminations

• Protects sensitive components such as IC’s, CMOS, Bipolar, BiCMOS, ECL, DTL, T2L, etc.

• Protection from switching transients & induced RF

Datasheet PDF Download :
SMBJ160 pdf

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