Part Number : SCI7631

Function : CMOS Switching Regulator

Package : SOP3-8pin

Maker : Seiko Epson Corp

Pinouts :
SCI7631 datasheet

Description :

The SCI7631, SCI7638 series of CMOS switching regulators provide input voltage step-up and regulation  to a specified fixed voltage using an external coil.

The devices in these series incorporate precision, low-power reference voltage generators and transistors for driving an internal comparator. They feature low power con sumption, low operating voltages, voltage detection and standby operation.


 0.9V (Min.) operating voltage

• 10mA (Typ.) maximum current consumption

• Standby operation

• 3mA (Typ.) standby current consumption

• 1.05 ±0.05V high-accuracy voltage detection

• Battery backup (availabl

Datasheet PDF Download :
SCI7631 pdf

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